raligh (r_a_l_i_g_h) wrote in skipthekoolaid,

Wagons HO!

So, as you all have probably realized, I've kinda taken an extended break from my health-and-fitness-related pursuits over the last year...plus.

Didn't intend for it to be that long, and certainly didn't intend to wind up putting about 25 pounds back on, but the other areas that I wanted to concentrate on have greatly improved and I don't see this year as a waste at all. Besides, I think I am now even better able to face this weight-loss issue head on and conquer!

I'm back at exercising regularly (In fact, daily since Thursday!) and watching what I eat. (Although, mostly right now, it's a different focus than simply calorie-cutting.)

I realize that lots and lots of heavy people are always getting back on the weight-loss wagon "for good this time!" and it can sound like the same old pattern with a lot of positive but empty promises and "yeah, we've heard this before"

But you see, I never got off the wagon. I deliberately chose to pull over and park for a while instead of moving forward because I could see how I was using improvements in this one area to allow me to shrug off other areas that also needed work and I didn't want that.

And now I AM back on the road again. And I'm building momentum in ALL the different areas in my life that I want to keep working on.

But best of all, now I am doing this (healthy diet and exercise), NOT so I can get to a certain size or achieve a specific goal. I am doing this because it is good for me and healthy and will improve my quality (and quantity!) of life.

Because it's the right thing to do.

The weight loss is merely incidental (though I am looking forward to that, I must say!) This time I'm moving forward with a different mindset and a different motivation.

That's how I know this is not the same as a yo-yo dieter's New Year's resolution piecrust promise.

How are you guys doing?
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