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Dealing with sweets

So, I could use some help too. I've basically stopped going to the gym, what with one thing and another, but while I'm determined to go back, my biggest problem is now with sweets. I don't think I've gained back much, of the weight I lost, miraculously enough, though I think I've definitely put back on a few, instead of losing, and I certainly have lost some muscle, but I'm know I'm going to put on more soon if I can't stop eating sweets. Since my grandmother moved in with us, the house has been inundated with food. So much food. And a lot of it bad for you. Soda. Cookies. Crackers. Candy. Ice cream. All of the things that I very consciously removed from our household, and from our eating habits are back. My mother's attitude is that my grandmother is a grown up woman, and can have what she wants, and should have what she wants, but it's wreaking havoc with my eating habits. I have healthy stuff in the house too, plenty of it and I know I should have more willpower, but it's a lot easier when it's just not around. Help? Please?
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