raligh (r_a_l_i_g_h) wrote in skipthekoolaid,

Different Mindset, Different Lifestyle, Different Choices

Mentally, I've been here for quite some time. Even emotionally.

But lately, I've realized that I've made a breakthrough at being done on a PRACTICAL level as well.

It's not just desire and thought process anymore - it's planning and action!

There's a free lecture series at the college right outside my neighborhood this morning and right after I decided to go, I decided that I would be WALKING to get to the auditorium, to get some extra exercise. (it's about 3/4 mile one way)

(I would do it tonight as well, except it's not supposed to be over until after 10pm and I don't really want to walk by myself across campus late at night. I've done it before, but by the well-lit track field on the far side near my house, plus I had my dog.)

The non-profit I work for is hosting a three-day retreat in mid-September. I am ALREADY thinking and planning how I can arrange my schedule to get exercise time in while I'm there!

What are some practical ways you're demonstrating a changed lifestyle lately?
Tags: changes, daily choices, exercise
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